Let us show you our specialities

Maritime Shipping.

We transport all kind of goods to global destinations, from deep-sea bulk to break-bulk and containers.

Worldwide shipping

We operate within a global network of agents and shipping companies to be guaranteed of a solid service on location.


Containers are booked and shipped for clients but also to ship and deliver our own equipment and cargoes needed to build our foreign projects, such as Solar power stations to Africa and our equipment for Europe, partly shipped from China.

Bulk / Break Bulk

Break bulk shipments are mainly made to Africa where we ship our trading equipment to.


Trading is an important part of our business, in our global network of clients, traders and investors we are often the intermediator to purchase and ship equipment for our relations. On other occasions we act as traders ourselves purchasing, arranging documents and shipping of equipment, materials, raw materials and fuels.

Project Development.

We design, build and manage projects, such as port development, energy farms with alternative energy, Solar, wind, tidal.  Projects that have been realized can be managed and maintained by us.


Our technical staff in combination with our shipping experts can assist companies to design projects tailor made in the most cost-effective way.


Our management is established in the Netherlands. We always have local management in place in case we build in other countries, guided and assisted by our main office.


We represent a group of investors that are always interested in projects related to alternative energy.


In construction we have a team of specialists, working with local population to give a positive contribution to the local economy in the area where we realize projects.


We have a team of experts in technology and logistics that can advise, guide companies with projects on an international scale.


Our local partners, New Career BV, operating from our main office arranges the selection of candidates for functions, National and international, arranging contracts, transport, pay rolling and facilities.

Local employee training & Education

Our team is fully certified in the field of logistics, International law, engineering, finance and recruitment.

Certified Management Teams

We started a program in Namibia and South Africa for engineers and electricians educate and train them to become fully professionals.