Our Future, our present & our past.

With over more then 40 years of experience, we keep challenging ourselves. Expanding our borders, thinking of the bright future we are obliged to give to our world.

Where we come from.

Alex Nelis

Alex Nelis


Our Origins.

From origin we are a shipping and trading company with 40 years’ experience in this business. Representing leading companies in logistics and using our own means of transport for our trade projects. We have been active in West Africa, since 1991,

In the European Baltic area since 2012, in trading and shipping.

We are specialized in projects and have been working on major projects for companies and governments, examples: export and transport of a factory from Germany to China, re-locating of a Cigarette factory from Netherlands to UK.

Guiding a project of an arrested ship and Cargo for the UN during the gulf war. Transport and re-building warehouses in several African countries. Trading floating equipment, stevedores equipment and transporting same to Africa and Eastern Europe.

Running and managing several shipping lines within Europe and Africa.

Who we are now.

Entering new times in terms of alternative energy and reduction of pollution we invested in a company that is specialized in Solar energy and Biochar production.

We combine our disciplines for oversea projects and transport our own equipment to build Solar stations in Africa. This new approach generates new projects such as water-management and agriculture projects. We opened our own offices in Africa to be present on the spot and build and guide our projects.

Our Vision on the future.

  • We want to build several large power farms in combination with production of green hydrogen, same to be exported to the Netherlands by ships for further re-distribution in Europe.
  • We have started training programs in Africa to educate and train people in an economic development program.
  • Our logistic department will play a big role in the success of these projects, shipping and delivering materials and products.
  • Other projects will start in the next few months; Port adjustment, refurbishment, new building and management of a complete terminal in Puerto Rico.
  • Closer to home we build a Biochar production factory with our daughter company; TerraWatt Biochar, plans foresee to build in the Netherlands, in the province of Zeeland.